Packaging and Warehousing:
RAMCOL is available normally in 25Kg. bags in polyliner bags protected by multi layers. However we also arrange other packing on specific request of the customers. The Number, Month of Mfg., Expiry Date are marked on each and every bag.

For the packaging of the material, Besides the normal 25/50 Kg packing we have also installed packaging systems for the packaging of 1000Kg Bags.
We have installed in house a completely automated system for the packaging and loading of Jumbo Bags. In this way we are able to ensure that your material does not have to leave the premises for stuffing in the container. We can stuff the container within our premises, seal it and send it to prevent any sort of tampering and pilferage.

RAMCOL should be stored in a cool and dry place and it should be kept away from heat. It is advised to consume the entire RAMCOL within a reasonable time period after opening. If the bags of RAMCOL are stored in open state for a long period; excessive exposure leads to absorption of moisture which result in microbial degradation due to the hygroscopic Guar gum. RAMCOL, if it is stored properly, has a long storage shelf life in its dry form provided. The shelf life of RAMCOL may be extended by adding suitable preservative.