Quality Assurance:

RAMCOL is a high viscosity gum powder. Our plant for manufacturing is totally automatic and we maintain strict hygienic conditions. We purchase top quality seeds with the best quality of splits and take extra precaution at all stage starting from purchase of Gum to packaging of finished goods so that RAMCOL is free from foreign impurities.

Safety in packaging:

All along the processing line we have installed magnets to remove any metallic impurities present. Even at the final stages when the cleaned and finished products are ready for packaging the material is passed through a safety siever which again is equipped with safety magnets.

The Company for further safety is planning to install Metal Detectors from which the packed material will be passed through a metal detector in the final stages to ensure that there are no metal contaminants in the final product that reaches you. In short we are trying to take all measures to supply the purest and the best that nature provides.